The Pulse: Taylor Bennett matures, Remy Ma’s “shETHER,” and more

By Shawn McFarland

From DJ Booth: Meek Mill is kind of an asshole – Traditionally, rappers are polarizing characters. Some are revered for their music and actions, while others are tossed to the curb for the things they do and say.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill might be the prime example of polarizing. His boisterous raps appeal to some and turn others off, while his historic shots at Drake over the summer of 2015 both gained and lost him fans. But what he did this past Friday goes beyond music.

So, Meek was approached by a homeless man who asked him for money. What Meek does next is simply disgusting – he makes the man do push-ups for the money. The video is below for you to make your own judgement, but DJZ at DJ Booth does a solid job of summing up what I would imagine to be most peoples’ feelings.

From Complex: How good is Remy Ma’s diss track? – Diss tracks are a staple of rap culture. Whether it’s Ice Cube taking bodies on “No Vasseline,” Jay Z aiming for Nas’ pride on “Takedown,” or Drake showing who’s top dog on “Back-to-Back,” nothing gets music fans more hyped than rappers going toe-to-toe lyrically.

Remy Ma is the latest star to go after another – this time, Nikki Minaj was the target. She didn’t pull any punches in shETHER (a play on Nas’ “Ether”). In fact, she skipped fists and went straight for the heavy artillery, and went after her family (Minaj’s brother is on trial for allegedly raping a 12-year-old). Remy Ma goes after Nikki’s sex life, her lyrical skills and more in what can only be considered a cold-blooded takedown.

Complex’ John Kennedy looks at where it stacks up with the likes of Cube’s, HOV’s and others.

From The Fader: Taylor Bennett is ready to be Taylor Bennett – If you don’t already know Taylor Bennett, I’m afraid to say you’ve been missing out. The Chicago rapper has blended soulful lyrics with upbeat music to create some of the most fun rap music in the game.

Oh, and his brother is Chance the Rapper. Talk about a strong family tree?

Myles Tanzer ofThe Fader describes Bennett’s latest project Restoration of an American Idol, a “maturation” for the 21-year old artist. While calling for someone who just in January became old enough to legally drink to mature is a tall task, Tanzer was spot on. In his latest project, Bennett’s beats and lyrcis are much crisper and precise compared to his 2015 album Broad Shoulders – released at the age of 19.

In an interview with The Fader, Bennett discuses a busy past few months – from working with his brother Chance to coming out as bisexual.


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