Funniest Rap and Hip Hop Tweets of the Week

By Shawn McFarland


Folks, I love tweets. But I also love rap – so you see where this is headed. Thanks to Drake’s More Life, we were #blessed with some fantastic content on Twitter dot com in the past week.

I did God’s work and tried to compile the best that I could find. Did yours make the cut?

God damn, the accuracy.

In response to the first tweet – the other two-thirds of Migos have to be wondering where Quavo keeps heading when he says he’s going to the store to get milk and eggs, right? Nah,he’s stopping by Drake’s recording studio.

But did Sampha ever hit a clutch three-pointer in game seven of the NBA Finals?

Ok, I promise this is the last Spider-Man meme.

Alright I lied.

Complex social media is still the gold standard of music tweets. Respect the G.O.A.T.

Tyler snags two of the top tweets, but that’s no surprise.


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