Editor’s choice: Personal playlist through April

By Shawn McFarland

It’s April 30.

Ok, alternate lede: holy shit, it’s April 30.

We’re more than 25% done with this year. Like, we’re putting a dent in 2017. That also means that we’ve seen a ton of great music so far. If 2016 was a legendary year for music, it’s more than carried over into the current year.

When I started this blog, I didn’t want it to be a music ranking site, or a place that reviewed a new album – and it’s still not that. But it’s important to know and understand my taste in music, so here it is: my 2017 musical playlist (so far.)

Slide – Calvin Harris (ft. Frank Ocean & Migos)


This song absolutely bumps. It’s my early candidate for song of the year. Calvin Harris takes a risk here combining Frank Ocean and Migos, but holy hell it worked. Offset’s verse to close out the song is short, but it’s one of my favorites in recent memory.

Nobody Say A Name – Taylor Bennett (ft. Raury)

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a pretty big Taylor Bennett fan. The younger brother of Chance the Rapper, Taylor made leaps and bounds in 2017 with the release of Restoration of an American Idol. It was tough to pick one song off of the album, but this is the one I find myself coming back to the most.

Plastic 100°C – Sampha

An absolutely beautiful song (and a beautiful album, too. That’s why I included the whole thing.) Sampha has got some serious pipes fam, and Plastic 100°C is the ideal way to start off this masterpiece of an album.

Roll Call – Goldlink (ft. Mya)

Such a good album. The D.C. rapper brings the heat on every track, but his bouncy vocals mesh well with Mya’s chorus, and a fast paced beat makes this an all-around fun track.

4422 – Drake (ft. Sampha)

So while this song is on Drake’s album, this is clearly a Sampha song. He crushes the chorus over some light background music. SERIOUSLY. IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE SAMPHA TRAIN, GET ON IT, BECAUSE YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

Fish N’ Grits – Wale (ft. Travis Scott)

This is such a fun combo. Wale kills the first half, and Travis jumps on at the end to close it out. Wale and Travis Scott aren’t your prototypical match made in heaven, but the due made it work well here.


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